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Zachary Davis WYMAN

Founder and Senior Advisor

My parent’s unconventional journey led me to live in 27 U.S. states. Then one day, they settled down and my mother delved into university studies with total dedication. She reached her objective, had her hard work recognized, and gained her place in society. As a result, I realized the power of knowledge and determination, and the impact that higher education has both on the control of one’s life and on what we can bring to society.  My mother’s uncommon trajectory gifted me with an undying will to learn as well as contribute to goodwill. I thus chose my path and went on to earn degrees at prestigious American and British universities (BA and MA at Middlebury College; MBA at UCL) thanks to the generous scholarship and funding support I received. It is the energy that my mother inspired in me, along with the potential that she saw in me, that drove me to the creation of The Why Connection.

I started my career as an advisor for professionals, helping them make good choices to best reach their objectives. Being able to define one’s goal, and doing so as early as possible, is paramount. It therefore followed quite naturally that I decided to guide prospective students in seeking their pathway. To help them with this journey in a practical way, keeping in mind their ability to be curious and to surprise themselves, I devised a personal method of guidance. And every day, for over 15 years, has reinforced the commitment I have to helping our advisees advance in the most meaningful directions.


Executive Assistant

As a mother, I have been enormously invested in my daughters, listening to their dreams and their expectations in terms of their future career choices and building their lives. Together, we have proposed possible options and put in place a plan of action for them to achieve their goals. This led to my first volunteering experience in career guidance, during which I helped other students on their academic pathways, by participating in internship review boards, oral training sessions, and writing workshops targeted at cover letters and CVs, and later got involved professionally assisting young people on the Neuilly Campus. I then met Zachary Wyman. After much discussion, we discovered that we share the same vision. When he suggested that I collaborate with him on his venture, I joined The Why Connection with enthusiasm and am happy to support our future graduates in their paths to success. 

Praveen HERAT

Academic Director and Advisor

Over the years, I have collaborated with charity associations, NGOs, and cultural institutions. This diverse range of activities all hold the same core principle:  the desire to improve people’s lives, to inspire, and to contribute to the betterment of society.

In this sense, working at The Why Connection - whose values align so perfectly with my own - is an honour and a real pleasure. In our increasingly complex world, finding one’s path can be intimidating. But, with our help, we hope that our students will seize the rare opportunity to think deeply about what they what to achieve, and to transform this reflection into a clear choice that will optimise their talents and their possibilities.

Curiosity, creativity, devotion, and respect for oneself and for others are attributes that I appreciate and that I strive to cultivate daily in the students that I support.