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Zachary is truly committed and makes himself available to help young people find the domain in which they can flourish, without any preconceived ideas. Then, after drawing up a plan of action, Zachary brings these projects to fruition, guiding the students through the entirety of sometimes long and complex application processes. We shall call upon his services again for our younger ones!

Victoire de T.
Mother of Mahaut, student at IÉSEG (France), and Elie, student at University College London (UK)

Zachary has been an invaluable resource in helping me achieve my academic goals. I worked with him not once, but twice, both for my undergraduate and MBA applications. In both cases, he helped me craft my applications, think critically about which schools to apply to and motivated me throughout the process. Importantly, he made the process extremely enjoyable – it was a true pleasure working with him!

Benjamin B.
Student at Columbia University then M.I.T

Mr. Wyman guided our two daughters in their plans to study abroad in a very professional manner. He knew how to help them find their paths in a highly personalised way, considering their aptitudes and interests, in order to choose the universities best suited to them. Mr. Wyman has a perfect knowledge of the English university system and a great sensitivity for capturing the personality of each young person to find their appropriate educational path. His help has been extremely precious and even invaluable to us.

Nathalie M.
Mother of Isaure and Aliénor, students at the University of Warwick

I met Zachary Wyman several years ago: it was a memorable and constructive meeting. Zachary guided our two sons at the end of their Baccalaureate. Up until their graduation, he worked in a very professional, structured and rigorous manner, listening to and respecting each child's personality. As parents, we felt secure and were regularly informed of the application procedures throughout. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the university admissions process in England and the US and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to send their child to study abroad. Zachary will succeed in finding the best university for their skills while respecting their individual needs.

Mother of Adrien, student at Menlo College (USA), and Felix, student at Northeastern University (USA)

Zachary Wyman is a true professional. Caring and a good listener, he guided our four children in their applications with great professionalism. Thanks to him, our children have followed courses that appeal to them and in which they have flourished. Thank you, Zachary! Merci Zachary !

Madame B.
Mother of Camille, student at the University of Warwick (UK), then Imperial College London (UK), Barthélemy, student at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), Théodore, student at École hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland), and Apolline, student at University College London (UK)

A high-quality accompaniment. Rigorous and demanding as well as benevolent and advisory; difficulties iron themselves out thanks to Zachary Wyman. My two children have been listened to, advised, and guided in their choices remarkably.

Madame P.
Mother of Anna, student at University College London (UK) then Cass Business School (UK), and Jean, student at King’s College London (UK)

Studying abroad can be daunting and requires much thought and time. I benefited from Mr. Wyman's help, which was invaluable. It allowed me to better define my expectations and to understand in greater depth the foreign educational systems - which are very different from the French. In addition to helping me orient myself towards the most suitable path, I learned to know myself better and explored new horizons. Mr. Wyman is very attentive and understanding of our prospects and helped me find the universities I was looking for. I am currently at Warwick Business School.

Student at the University of Warwick (UK)

I am moving to London next week to study at UCL. I’ve seen some of my teachers and chosen my modules... it’s all very exciting! It is after all very convenient to study Classics right next to the British Museum... All this would have been very difficult to manage and discern without your help. The journals, the little essays, and the reading made my love for my subject grow, and it is now stronger than ever. On top of that, I really enjoyed every session with Praveen and preparing for them. It was something I genuinely looked forward to every week.

Paul L.
Student at University College London (UK)

I had the chance to meet Mr. Wyman upon finishing a Master in Corporate Law in Paris. I was very drawn to geopolitics and international affairs, although I had very little idea on how to get into those fields. Upon the advice of Mr Wyman, I took a year off from my studies to undertake internships in a political risk firm in Israel and a London-based a think tank. In parallel, Mr Wyman patiently and thoroughly accompanied me through my application process for a Master in Intelligence and International Security at Kings College London. I have now graduated from Kings College and started a position within one of the top risk consultancy firms in the UK. I am incredibly grateful for Mr Wyman’s guidance through this pivotal moments. Not only did he help me get into my top choice university, but he also truly shaped my career.

Student at King’s College London

We could genuinely write a book about how happy we are for our children! Zachary contributed to the joy of our daughter, who is truly enthusiastic about her studies at Cambridge: she is enjoying the unique proximity to professors and a fabulous student life. With passion, Zachary managed to divine the personality of our child and find the programme best suited to her. The preparation was serious and without constraints, the plan coming together progressively and very naturally. Our eldest also benefited from Zachary’s experience and is finishing his Master’s in Biotechnology at Imperial College London after a Bachelor’s at UCL – a niche that we alone would never have found. We are just as happy for our eldest children as for our youngest, who is currently in Première (11th grade) – you shall meet her very soon, Zachary!

Irène et Cédric B.
Irène and Cédric B. Parents of Serena, student at the University of Cambridge (UK), et Tanguy, student at Imperial College London (UK)

Mr. Wyman’s guidance for our two sons has been crucial in making the right choices for their higher education. He not only helped them throughout the year to think about themselves and what they would like to do, but also about what would be best suited to their personalities and capacities – all with goodwill and a positive and constructive spirit. We remember it not only as a very rich exchange but also as a wonderful human encounter. Mr. Wyman not only knew how to engage our children and help them grow to become responsible people, but also how to communicate with us and reassure us throughout often complex administrative procedures.

Géraldine L.
Mother of Paul, student at École 42 (France), and Benjamin, student at Georgetown University (USA)

It has been over six years that Zachary has followed me and guided me in my choices. At first for a Bachelor’s degree, then for a Master’s. His guidance has been more than useful for someone like me, who wanted to study abroad but did not have any experience or knowledge of my options. His wisdom and experience helped me to make good decisions and obtain my first choices every time. These choices have made me grow and open my mind to the world - and this is partly thanks to Zachary. For this reason, I sincerely recommend his guidance, which exceeded expectations.

Student and the University of Bath (UK), then Imperial College London (UK)

Mr. Wyman has been an amazing help in my orientation. I can confirm that he is a great academic advisor: his one year of guidance turned out to be extremely useful and necessary, because he takes the time to get to know the pupil, their potential, their interests, and equally, their limits. I am now happy and flourishing in what I do, with the impression that I am in the right place for me. I hope to see you soon!

Student at King’s College London (UK)

Three children, three projects, three reasons to be immensely grateful to you. From History to business school to Engineering, from England to the United States, you have known how to guide each in the groundwork to refine their choices and their subjects, to encourage them and advise them in their academic and extracurricular pathways, to help them identify the most suitable programmes and colleges. Your deep knowledge of both systems and of the specificities and expectations of each establishment has been crucial. Your perfectionism, your ability to listen and to question the students until they find what motivates them and what makes them original, your capacity to guide them in the presentation of their personality, of their interests, and of their plans, to transform puzzle pieces into a coherent and powerful holistic picture has allowed each one to gain their first choice, and above all to get to know themselves better – a pathway whose interest goes far beyond the Personal Statement.

Cécile V.
Mother of Charles, student at Durham University (UK), Henri, student at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (France), and Pierre, Student at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (USA)

I am extremely grateful for the two years that I spent working with Zachary Wyman. Zachary’s guidance involved preparing admission files, but most importantly building a genuine connection of trust. Over the course of our meetings, I learned to take a step back, to get to know myself better, and to believe in myself. Today, I understand that often the things that appear to be failures are not. Admission to American universities is a long and often complex process for those who follow a French curriculum; I never could have done it without his help and support. I am in my fourth year at New York University Shanghai, and I am happy to still have a relationship with Zachary, not as an admissions advisor but as a friend to whom I turn regularly for advice.

Student at New York University Shanghai (USA/China)

Zachary Wyman is much more than an academic advisor; he ensures that his students reach their professional and personal potential to become confident and passionate adults. Zachary was able to adapt to my very specific interests to provide me with personalized support over the course of a year, during which he helped me reflect on what really fascinated me. It opened my eyes to many possibilities, and most importantly changed my perception of what I thought was a time of doubt into a time of reflection and endless opportunity. Thanks to him, I was able to organize myself to send applications for a Master's degree and pass the necessary competitions while working full-time. I started at Harvard School of Public Health a few months ago!

Student at the School of Public Health, Harvard University (USA)

The question is not ‘Will you study in the United States?, but rather ‘How will you do it? These were Zachary’s words ten years ago, when I had given up and explained to him that my plan to study in an American university wouldn’t be possible.  Too costly, too late. After a year of hypokhâgne, I finally left my native Paris and classics to study for four years at Middlebury College in Vermont. Confronted with many disciplines, I specialized in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science, and above all, discovered a completely different approach to teaching and learning. Zachary's first mission was to believe in me and in a project that I did not dare undertake alone. His second commitment was not to let money determine my future. Zachary offered me his expertise pro bono throughout my project and helped me to obtain a full scholarship of over two hundred thousand dollars. His commitment has never ended, inviting me to define not only what I want to learn but also why, for myself, and with others. The Why Connection has continued to guide me over the course of my career. It has allowed me to find certain answers and above all the right questions thanks to which I continue to flourish, to open up, to engage, and to learn.

Student at Middlebury College (USA), then Sciences Po Paris (France) – pro bono student

Zachary was essential in helping me prepare my applications to British universities. He guided me towards the programmes best suited to my capacities, but above all, to my passions. Thanks to him, I discovered what makes me tick and what I was capable of. With his help and support, I got into the University of Cambridge, where I could fully flourish and push my limits. Always enthusiastic, open, curious, encouraging and understanding, he knew how to guide me and to challenge me along every step of my academic journey.

Student at the University of Cambridge (UK)

Zachary Wyman was extremely efficient with my two daughters: he was able to find the most suitable universities and programs for them in England (LSE for one and Royal Holloway for the other) by actively engaging them in the process. They were accepted at all the programmes they applied to! I can hardly believe it. I have particularly appreciated his benevolent pedagogical approach. His perfect knowledge of French and Anglophone educational systems is a major asset. Our family is extremely grateful to him for the work he accomplished and the richness of our exchanges.

Laurence G.
Mother of Julia, student at London School of Economics (UK), and Ethel, student at Royal Holloway (UK)

I believe I met Zachary Wyman about 5 years ago when I was doing my Bachelor's degree and seeking out a new career path that would suit me better than the current one. It is difficult to explain in a few words how much I achieved thanks to him. I found myself professionnally and personally, integrating a brilliant school for my Master's. Zachary is a great listener and always encourages you to do your best. But mostly, he is deeply human, and gives so much more than academic advices. I learned from him that during one's career and in one's life, there is always a way.

Student at Imperial College London (UK)

Zachary was supportive throughout my journey, listened to my wishes, and was not afraid of challenges. I could never have imagined getting into a prestigious school in the U.S. but Zachary saw my potential before I did and shared his confidence in my abilities. He pushed me to present the best version of myself, with kindness, firmness and patience. He was a pleasure to work with and the huge and terrifying task of putting together applications for overseas disappeared with his organised and tailor-made guidance.

Student at New York University (USA)

My first encounter with Zachary was a stroke of luck. It was an opportunity I pursued as my friends had spoken to me about him and it proved to be everything I had hoped for. The first appointment more than met expectations; everything was open and anything was possible. I trusted him and was right to do so. He guided my sensitive daughter through a period of uncertainty and knew how to give her an objective. He gave her time. He rose to the challenge of finding where she was in her journey before carrying her to other horizons. A wonderful pedagogical introduction. A brilliant listener.

Anne B.
Mother of Marie, student at the University of Exeter (UK)

Mr. Wyman’s guidance has been a great help in numerous ways. Simple activities, such as keeping an intellectual journal, allowed me to learn how to know myself better, which led me to change my plans for my studies. The result: I have fully flourished and acknowledge that it was the best choice for me. Moreover, his advice continues throughout my higher education: he has helped me to find myself in a new system by making good choices, in deciding which options to follow as well as in learning to read between the lines to genuinely know what is expected of me.

Student at London School of Economics (UK)

Zachary was THE essential part of my daughter’s college research process. There are so many choices today that just the thought of applying is overwhelming. Zachary helped not only my daughter Sofia analyse then sort out her options but also he helped us parents understand her choices and desires.  Through his work with Sofia over several months, Zachary allowed Sofia to discover her personal strengths and enabled her to express them eloquently in her college essay.  Today, as Freshman at Barnard College, Sofia regards Zachary not just as a college advisor but as a mentor who led her to self discovery. 

Mère de Sofia, étudiante à Barnard College/Columbia University

Having met several guidance counsellors, I can say with all certainty that Zachary has done an exceptionally thorough and meticulous job with me, both from a personal and professional perspective. He guided me to better understand myself and to accept the person that I am, in order to move forward with greater confidence. I am now doing a Master's degree in Canada, in a completely different field from my undergraduate degree, and I am extremely happy with the choice I made thanks to him. It was not an easy task given I had no idea what I wanted to do, and international studies have allowed me to find a synergy of different aspects that correspond with my personality, brimming with curiosity and loving challenges.

Student at Université de Laval (Canada)

The Why Connection has been an invaluable source of guidance, support and coaching for my three children. Specifically Zachary (who helped my daughter secure a BSc at Queen Mary in London and an MSc at Imperial College Business School, as well as secure a place for my son Alexander at Manchester University) and Praveen (who secured places for my son Carl at Durham and Exeter University) take a highly tailored approach to each student, carefully seeking to understand their aspirations, drivers and objectives to obtain the best possible outcomes for them.  The Why Connection truly achieves exceptional results because of this highly focused and personalised approach, thereby ensuring ambitious and optimal choices are made and, most importantly, met.  My deepest and most unreserved thanks and praise.

George M.
Father of Victoria, student at Queen Mary (UK) then Imperial College London (UK), Alexander, student at the University of Manchester (UK), and Carl, student at Kedge (France)

Zachary has an encyclopaedic knowledge of anglophone programmes and excellent intuition. Following much reflection on my academic interests and professional pathway, he encouraged me in a direction that I would not have taken alone but has proven to be completely ideal.

Student at University College London (UK), then the University of Cambridge (UK)