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Teaching Professionals

The role of teaching professionals (head teachers, headmasters, prefects, teachers, etc.) in the orientation of their students is essential.

Each year, you are involved in helping your students choose their future academic projects in France and sometimes in another country. Today, there are more and more candidates wishing to pursue their studies abroad, so how can you guide them in the best direction?

We know that your time is limited, so we can help you with the practicalities of putting together applications (letters of recommendation, correctly-formatted transcripts, predicted grades, management of applications on admissions portals).

Our ethics aim at equal opportunities for all deserving students, which requires having access to the most complete information with regard to international universities' expectations.

Moreover, the financial dimension should not be an obstacle. Each year we integrate deserving students free of charge and help them apply for scholarships and other grants.


In addition, the why connection offers information and training sessions to keep you up to date with new curricula, innovations and requirements of international universities.

Shoot for the moon? No. For Excellence? Yes!

Zachary Wyman is a conscientious and benevolent man who guides the students towards their excellence. To choose Zachary as a coach, is to be perfectly advised and guided, and to accept working hard to find the best of oneself to have the best possible application.

As a high school guidance counsellor, working with Zachary has been a real pleasure; his dossiers are impeccable, Zachary is honest, considerate, and always ready to answer our questions. It has been eight years now that Zachary has been advising a selection of our students; some of whom have made the choice to study abroad, others not, but all have left grown up. The work accomplished by Zachary Wyman is also useful for applications within France.

Choosing to go and study abroad takes a certain maturity and a real desire, it is easier to succeed in one’s studies when one is given a sense of choice. It is then that one can achieve their ambition: their excellence.

Anne-Laure Völcker

Administration office at La Rochefoucauld high school and middle school (Paris, France)

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